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Temporary Panels are a great new design for enclosing temporary areas.  Unlike the old face mounted mesh panels, the Safe Mesh Temp Panels are internally welded.  This allows the tube to tube contact when packing and reducing the damage of the mesh.  The Safe Mesh infill is unique having two thicker gauge vertical end wires that allows up to 60 hi-strength ‘mesh to frame’ welds.  The old style face mounted mesh panels uses much thinner gauge 2.3mm vertical wires.  These panels are easier to erect and they are completely reversible.

The panels are 6′ H x 11′ 6″ W with hot dipped galvanized welded mesh.

These panels use a Safelift Thermoplastic Fence Base that is 8.3″ wide x 6″ high x 31.5″ long.

The panels are connected together with an easy to use saddle clamp with only one 3″ nut and bolt.

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